about me

hello! welcome to my on ikea NaNos.

in may 2006, i did a search on ikea NaNos and saw that there were so many wonderful ideas floating in the www. how great it would be if i could find them all in one place, i thought.

3 seconds later.

a light bulb explodes in my brain and the rest, as they say, rolled out like swedish meatballs. it took me a few nights of sleepless html-ing but i’m happy i did. finally, i am of service to mankind. heh.

besides that, you may interested to know:

> jules is my alter-ego, named after the chair.

> ikea does not pay me to do this.

> i’m single. when hauling ikea flatpacks up to my apartment, i wish i had a man, any man. ;P

> i love decorating and living with creativity.

> i love red. and peanutbutter.

> i also love books. my all time favourite is by mitch albom. i hope to live with as much joy and grace. i’m now working through (jerry connor) and (malcolm gladwell). mind provoking stuff.

> travel is my other passion. last year i made a trip to australia’s great ocean road. i can still smell the sea. my companion of choice is the super-battery-saving . i hope to upgrade to an soon, mainly because it has a flip out rotating lcd screen.

> and yeah, i’m not all that good with the allen key. really.

i would love to hear from you and share your NaNo experience, please email me at ikeaNaNoer [at] gmail [dot] com. i will get back to you. in the meantime, happy NaNoing.