woo! an ikea skirt

thanks to erika, who spotted this wonderful NaNo, you can now not only live ikea, you can wear ikea too. ironically, this is from melissa of , who was absolutely hates ikea yet was dragged into what she calls the 9th circle of hell.

on her , melissa wrote, “across the warehouse-wasteland expanse of the store, a bold red print called out to me. but on further inspection, the print belonged to just some pillowcases. how disappointing! or, what if i could somehow turn those into something wonderful?

it took an evening, but out of two pillowcases and a bit of bias binding, this skirt emerged (and because the pillowcases each had a zipper, i’ve got an extra now!)

very nice. i’m tempted to make one myself too. .


vreni’s version (updated feb 4, 2008)
using the . .