Asker hanging liquor bar

Here’s one from a contributor who rather not be credited. He says, “I used IkeaNaNoer for ideas a lot when I moved, and thought I ought to at least contribute what I came up with.” Thank you! 🙂

Constrained for space and renting (so not wanting to make big holes in the wall) I decided to hang everything I could in the kitchen.  This included hanging pots and pans over the entrance to the kitchen (careful to hang the small ones over the passage to permit passage for up to 6’3″), and the Asker suspended liquor bar NaNo.

I piggybacked off the studs holding up the cabinet to hang an Asker bar, and three Asker dish drainers. Using left over pilasters from a shelving project, I added wine glass racks to hang underneath. Voila! Extra storage for glass, liquor, wine, and a reminder to drop-in guests to accept the offer of a drink. It’s not cheap ($90 for racks, $15 for the bar, $18 for the wine glass racks), but cheaper than any alternative I could find.”

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