Mosaic Coffee Table

DIY klubbo mosaic table

Materials: Klubbo coffee table

Description: I had this chocolate Klubbo coffee table for quite some time. It’s getting some chips and wear so I decided to give it a new layer so a new look.

I got some turquoise, magenta and ceramic mosaic tiles. Some of the tiles were nipped into 4 tine squares.

Scratches were made on the table surface for a better adhesion of the tiles to the former veneer surface. The tiles were then glued to the table top according to my design.

The tiles were left to dry overnight. On the following day, grouting was then done to fill up the gaps in between the tiles. Grouting and cleaning up the grout were the most tedious steps as there were 5 sides to work on ( the 4 sides and the top). I used unsanded grout. After drying, some grout actually sunk in. So I had to grout a second layer to create smooth surface.

DIY klubbo mosaic table
DIY klubbo mosaic table
DIY klubbo mosaic table
DIY klubbo mosaic table

I took some effort to clean away the access grout, then to finally achieve a smooth surface. I got some grout waterproofing liquid and applied onto the white grout. This helps protect the white grout from staining.

~ Wai Hoong, Singapore

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