Zigzag Fullen Bar

Materials: Fullen Sink Cabinet, Metrik Handles

Description: We have a nook in our apartment that’s too small to fit a bar cabinet. My husband and I are classic cocktail fans and we needed a place to store some of our bottles and a place to display our tiki glasses. The Fullen sink cabinet was small enough to fit in the space.

1. The legs were grey plastic which looked cheap so I painted them with Martha Stewart Polished Silver Metallic Paint.

2. I got my hardware store to cut a board into a 23″ x 15.5″ rectangle for the top, which I painted white and topped with a coat of clear acrylic.

3. I attached the top to the base with cement.

4. The chevron pattern was made from wood grain paper. I drew one zigzag onto the Fullen box and cut that out as my template to trace onto the paper. I did one door at a time, but I wish my paper had been wide enough to go all the way across so that it wasn’t so difficult to match up the doors.

5. I attached the doors to the cabinet and used an Xacto knife to make the pattern on the two doors match.

5. Drilled holes to attach what I think are Metrik handles.

~ Heather Sherrod, Houston, Texas


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