Ikea for lizard

Materials: Expedit, Tundra, Besta

The Idea was to build a cheap but tasteful enclosure for reptiles.

It all started when I was working the morning shift in the Ikea of Groningen (NL). I had to drive in the pallets of Tundra laminated floors. On top of the pile was a complete sheet of Tundra, for protection. I knew I could use it for something, so I kept it.

Then I looked for a closet with the right dimensions to keep some kind of reptile species and thought of the Expedit series.

Eventually I bought 2 of the small sized Expedit (80x80cm) closets. I drilled extra holes in the all of the top ends of the side plates and placed them with the little wooden plugs on top of each other.

I added the top of one and the lowest part of the inside. Then I had to cut the Tundra sheet the right size and glued it to the back of the Expedit. It had to cut one horizontal shelf in 2 pieces for the down and upper front. Here I cut 2 holes out for ventilation and placed 2 ventilation shafts.

On top of those I placed double U shaped profiles for the glass doors and gave them a nice finish by adding 2 aluminium strips. At last I installed 3 light fittings and put in the glass from a Besta series.

Next up, finding the right lizard!
(no snakes allow by order of the girlfriend ;))

~ Aki Ook, The Netherlands

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