Fast & Easy Ribbon Ruffle Lampshades to match Ofelia Blanket

Ikea Jära Lampshade (diameter 34cm), Satin ribbon (double sided, for example 75mm wide ribbon appr. 15metres), hot glue gun, hot glue (reserve more than 12 stick so you won’t run out in the middle of project)

Description: Time needed, about 1 hour.

One of the most beautiful items I have seen in Ikea is Ofelia ruffle blanket. I wanted to have some lampshades to match Ofelia blanket, so I decided to try making them by myself.

The first edition, “try out”, I did for my living room in purple with Ikea Ollsta (diameter 38cm) and 20 meters of 38mm wide satin ribbon. It was surprising how easy and fast it was!

1. Add hot glue on to the lampshade a very small area at a time.
2. Start ruffling the ribbon to the glue.
3. While glueing and ruffling, make “whirly” pattern.
4. Cover the lampshade totally.

As an extra advise:
– The more you make whirls, the more “cream cake”-effect you get.
– Also the density of your ruffles affects the look too.
– Also the ribbon you use, will affect the look: The wider the ribbon, the more 3D & airy look you get.
– The wider the ribbon, the less you need.
– To get more subtle look, use straighter lines (not so whirly) while glueing and ruffle only a little. (Like in fuchsia lampshade)

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~ Johanna, Finland