Super-Cool Lego and Train Table

Materials: LACK large coffee table, LILLABO train set, Lego Base plate, wood glue and puddy, drill with 1/8in bit, miter box, saw, screw driver, sandpaper, 12 #8 2.5 in screws, 2- 8ft 1x2in wood, paint, spray lacquer, painters tape, newspaper

Description: 1- Cut wood with miter box and saw to fit table top exactly. Sand smooth.
2- Sand table top of LACK table and paint with several coats of green paint.
3-Once paint is dry, sketch the design of the table that you’d like. I used a spice bottle and paperclip box to mark out the helicopter pad and landing strip. The wood was the perfect width to trace for the roads. Remember to leave at least 3 inches around the border so that you can have the train go around the edges. I used painters tape to block it off. Also, enough room for your Lego base plate!

4- Apply wood glue to edges of the table top, and bottom of the 1x2s. Place the wood on the table, and pre-drill holes through the wood and tabletop. Screw in the 12 screws.
5-Apply wood putty on all the edges and on top of screws. Allow to dry, and then sand.
6-Assemble table according to NaNophotoNics directions. With painters tape, affix newspaper around the table bottom.
7-Paint wood green to match table top.
8-Remove tape from tabletop, and paint your designs onto the table top, following your original sketches.
9-Spray lacquer table top.
10-Affix double sided Velcro to back of the Lego base plate and stick to table. Remove tape and paper.
11-Play with your LILLABO trains and Lego’s!:)

~ Jacqueline, Rockville, MD

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