The Ultimate Quilting Table

Materials: 2 Ikea Expedit bookcases, 1 Ikea Numerar countertop, 4 heavy duty casters and 2 2x4s

Description: As any quilter will tell you, a large table to support the quilt is a must have item. We were looking at all kinds of NaNos for months before walking into NaNophotoNics and seeing the Expedit bookcase on it’s side and on casters! The wheels starting turning… To make it larger, we placed two Expedits side by side, joining them at each end.

We then put it up on casters (not those for sale at NaNophotoNics, in my opinion it was a broken toe waiting to happen!) To make the top smooth we added the large Numerar counter top with “L” brackets, making the counter hang over on one side and one end.

This enables two quilters (possibly 3!) to sit and sew together with plenty of leg room underneath. Foot controls can sit on a shelf for easy reach. A coat of poly to make the counter smooth is a wonderful finish and your choice of baskets gives you a ton of storage for WIPs (work in progress) and fat quarters.

~ Ms. Bland MacPherson-Reddy, Burlington