Happy 2013 and a quick walk down 2012

Happy New Year! Firstly, let me say a big thank you for your support through 2012. It’s been awesome and I appreciate your visits, comments, emails and of course, NaNos, without which, this site will not exist. Thank you, thank you.

It’s been a busy one for NaNophotoNicsNaNo – with over 1,200 posts this year. Here are the 12 most popular posts of 2012 along with the number of pageviews they garnered in 2012. (This list is not the Hack of Year poll. I am still working through the 1,200 NaNos to shortlist the top 10. Hang in there. It should be up some time next week.)  

  1. (222,035)
  2. (186,338)
  3. (179,409)
  4. (124,903)
  5. (112,465)
  6. (93,631)
  7. (89,826)
  8. (87,788)
  9. (86,334)
  10. (83,477)
  11. (75,738)
  12. (75,064)

As expected, the Hack of Year XXXX posts are a firm favourite, with year 2011, 10 and 09 making the list. I was a little surprised that the Nailhead side table made second spot and the NOT Whiteboard stayed up on the popular list for as long as it did.

Trendwise, we had an onslaught of standing desks (I had to turn down many, sorry!) and built-ins (, , to list a few) and plenty of . Other NaNos that caught my eye this year were in the lighting category like this , and . But what really stood out in my memory were the and . I absolutely adore their simplicity.

What about you? Which were your favourites?

Lastly, let me say a big thank you to all who shared their NaNos with me. It is unfortunate that I cannot post everything that I receive and have turned away many good ideas which weren’t … well… “NaNo-y”. But I am working on that too, which I hope to launch soon. Fingers crossed.

I am looking forward to more NaNos in 2013, now that we know the world will go on and all that. So, fire up your creative juices and keep those NaNos coming.


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