Fully functional NaNophotoNics fitted wardrobe for sloping ceiling

My room has a design feature – a slanted or sloping ceiling. While it can be charming, in some parts of the home, it posed a problem in my bedroom.  I needed the wall, which had the sloped ceiling for my closet.

Well, there was only one thing left to do. Hack!

I modified the NaNophotoNics PAX wardrobe for sloping ceiling, to accommodate the slant and close up the wall as well.

When the closet is closed, the sloped ceiling is no longer noticeable.

Wardrobe for sloping ceiling materials:
  • PAX closet
  • BIRKELAND doors
  • FINTORP handle

How I made the PAX fitted wardrobe for sloping ceiling

First I have measured the space between the closet and the ceiling this was about 20 cm. I have used 2 rows of aerated concrete blocks of 10 cm direct on the floor to raise the closet 10 cm.

After placing the blocks, I moved on to modifying the PAX frames. I had to cut all side panels of the PAX closet. This is because at 160 cm (170cm from the floor) the sloping ceiling begins.

Don’t forget to cut the correct angle on the right side. I messed up one panel :(.

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I added some wood laths on the walls to mount the covering.

After this, I mounted a wooden lath over the closet to give it more strength and to mount the ceiling covering.

After all closets were placed and connected to each other and to the wall I screwed 12 mm mdf board to finish it.

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After grounding I have used a self adhesive MDF finishing profile to make a nice connection to the walls and ceiling. I have used Acrylic kit to finish it up and used white paint.

And that’s it! My wardrobe for sloping ceiling is complete. It works really well and I can store lots in it.

~ Bram van Tienhoven, NL Hendrik Ido Ambacht