Pax Built-in for sloping ceiling

Materials: PAX closet BIRKELAND doors FINTORP handle

Description: First I have measured the space between the closet and the ceiling this was about 20 cm. I have used 2 rows of aerated concrete blocks of 10 cm direct on the floor to raise the closet 10 cm.

After placing the blocks I had to cut all sides of the closet because at 160 cm (170cm from the floor) the roof slope began. Don’t forget to cut the right side, I messed up one panel :(. I have added some wood laths on the walls to mount the covering.

After this I have mounted a wooden lath over the closet to give it more strength and to mount the ceiling covering. After all closets were placed and connected to each other and to the wall I have screwed 12 mm carton board to finish. After grounding I have used a self adhesive MDF finishing profile to make a nice connection to the walls and ceiling. I have used Acrylic kit to finish it up and used white paint.

~ Bram van Tienhoven, NL Hendrik Ido Ambacht