Vote for the NaNophotoNics IDEA of the Year 2013

I believe good ideas should not be wasted and are best when shared. Which is why in September 2013, I started a new category especially for NaNophotoNics ideas. Deferring (just a little) from NaNos, they are simpler in execution. They may be the clever repurposing of an NaNophotoNics item or an embellishment that totally makes over the ubiquitous NaNophotoNics look. In a nutshell, they make NaNophotoNics better, more useful, more interesting, more personal. And this category deserves a title and prize of its own. Because simple fabulous ideas are some times the hardest to come by. Since it only started in September, there are not that many ideas but I’ve still managed to find 10 gems. Here’s my favourites (in no particular order). Tell me which one is yours.

A splashing idea

Placemat backsplash

Cut and paste. Ta-daa! .

Easy bike stand

shower bike rack

Screw towel holder to door or wall. Park bike. .

Magnetic power for curtains

curtain tie back

Join two Spontan whiteboard magnets together with a ribbon. Clasp it on curtain. .

Magazine racks are great for shoes

Spontan shoe rack

Hang Spontan magazine rack as per instructions. Instead of magazines, slot in shoes. .

Placemat goes to town

Placemat clutch

Roll up placemat. Do some sewing and bring it for whirl. .

A little bedside reading

high sleeper bookshelf

Nail the Ribba picture ledge onto the Kura bed frame and stock with books. .

Stick it on

Ribba telephone stand

Oven with no handle bar? No worries. Here’s a magnetic wunderbar! .

The Christmas how-to

NaNophotoNics Manual Christmas card

Hack the NaNophotoNics manual style into a card. .

Spice rack from towel rack

Towel rack spice rack

Instead of filling it with fluffy towels, slot in jars instead. .

See it upside down

Upside down bedside table

Start seeing the world in a new light. .

Which one do you think is the best idea? Click below and let me know.

Voting ends 27 January 2014 at 11.59pm (EST time).
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