GRUNDTAL Swivel Mounts

Today we’ll be featuring a very special NaNo: a beautifully designed swivel mount for GRUNDTAL spotlights. With this tweak your average looking lights will turn into 180 degrees rotatable industrial spotlights.


1 x Spotlights (3-pack)
3 x  GRUNDTAL Swivel Mounts (or download file )
1 x Bag of twist ties
12 x Screws (3 mm diameter)

How To

Print the files at a Hub in your neighbourhood or on your own printer. ABS would again be the preferred way to go for durability reasons. The original designer printed the mounts in black which match the lights perfectly. Once printed, drill 2 holes into the back of the light and screw it onto the mount. Then, use the twist ties to then connect it to the base (or a nut and bolt). Enjoy your new lights!


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