Materials: LACK

Recently I had to assembly 20 Lack tables to build a storage shelf from those. After assembling two of those tables, I realized that I am going to cry after fourth, if I dont use any kind of tool to install those 80 legs. So – I asked ideas from internet and my friend came up with this idea to use four small angle Irons to create perfectly shaped leg-driver.

I took one leg with me and went to local hardware store where I actually found a perfect corner irons for the job. The hole in the the irons were perfectly in same position than the center hole of the leg. The tool itself were assembled with one 5/40 bolt from inside, through all four of those irons and tightened with a nut. And how does it work? Perfectly… I attach a video from the first table.

Later I noticed that I don’t even have to preinstall legs – I just fitted them into the tool and “screwed” them in.