A tall LACK table with legs “dipped” in marble

Materials: 2 white LACK side tables,

My mother needed a taller than an average table for her new .

1. Take four of the legs of the LACK side table and on the side that does not have a screw, draw an X with a pencil from one corner to the opposite corner. This is to find the exact centre of the leg. Then, using a  4.5mm drill bit, drill into the centre of the X.

2. Cover the remaining four legs with the marble paper. Cut the paper to be slightly longer than the leg. Slowly and carefully apply the paper around the leg, starting from one edge. Press firmly with a ruler as you go to smooth out any air bubbles. Fold the remaining paper on the sides. It’s like wrapping a present!

3. Assemble each ‘marble’ leg with a white one using the screws of the package. Just connect each side of the screw with the holes on the legs and turn around until the two legs are attached.

4. Then, assemble the four ‘new’ legs on the table top, according the NaNophotoNics instructions that it comes with.

See the .

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