Evolution of Quad LACK coffee table

This is the logical evolution of . The four tables melded together!

What you need:

4 LACK tables
screws 3 x 35 mm
screws 5 x 80 mm
wood glue
old pieces of wood

Step 1

Cut two tabletops to the shape, you what to have.

Step 2

Fit plates of wood to the cut edges to stabilize them.

Step 3

Cut the legs to the equivalent length, which you need to reach the height of the table you want to have. I cut 8 legs to 27 cm and 8 legs to 5 cm.

Stabilize the longer ones with pieces of wood, again. The short legs I have filled with a mix of wood glue and sawdust.

Step 4

Connect the tabletops with glue or silicone. I took silicone for that.

The orange color is film, because I wanted to have 3 colors.

Step 5

Put the longer legs to the upper tabletop. In addition, I connected the two tabletops with small pieces of thin wood.

Step 6

Screw the lower tabletop to the legs with the long screws and connect the two plates again.

Step 7

Fix the short legs to the lower tabletop

Step 8

Enjoy your new coffee table



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