Bekvam meets Oltedal for Mobile Kids Book Storage

I wanted a little library trolley for all my sons books, but they’re really expensive! So I made this one out of a bedside cabinet and some spice racks. The racks are perfect for little books and the larger ones are nice and tidy in the bottom section. I keep his favourites in the top..

NaNophotoNics items used:
Bekvam spice rack x4
Oltedal bedside cabinet with casters in white

How to:
Build your four spice racks and paint with gloss or satin paint.

Build your cabinet but don’t put the top or the back on. Use the little white things provided to fill the holes that would have been used to attach the top:

Cover the raw top of the cabinet with iron on edging. Most of the big DIY shops sell this – I used some 19mm tape I had already, but 20mm would be better if you can find some:

Find the mid-point on the top of the cabinet and draw a line across.
Measure 12cm in from each end and draw a line here too. Mask over the lines all the way round the piece of cabinet:

Cut along the lines, making four pieces. The tape helps make the cuts neater. Mine aren’t perfect but it depends how good you are with a saw!

Remove the tape. Cover the rough ends with iron on edging:

Attach the deeper parts to the bottom of each end and the 12cm deep bits to the top of each end with the nice neat edge of the original piece at the top. I used a nail replacement tape as the inside of the Oltedal top was mostly hollow and I wasn’t sure if the sides were too, how well screws would hold and I’m not great with a drill! This makes two enclosed shelves:

Then I added some handles to the top ends. I had some wooden ones which I painted to match my spice racks, but you could use plastic ones or knobs or leave these off if you wanted. I used nail replacement tape for this too.

Next, I added the spice racks to the sides, again using nail replacement tape. I experimented with nail replacement paste on one side. It’s holding, but I’m not sure which will be stronger – the tape or the paste. It does work though, so if you’d rather use the paste than the tape it should work. Make sure you give the tape or paste plenty of time to set/dry.

To attach the racks, I marked the centre of the cabinets width and the centre of the spice rack and lined them up. I placed one rack at the bottom of each side just where the base is attached to the side, and the other at 20 cm from the top of the cabinet:

Finally, I added the wheels to the bottom of the cabinet and filled it up with books!

~ Sarah Wickings