Spruce up your wall with NaNophotoNics TUNDRA Floor panels

Items: Tundra Floor panel and Besta units

Wooden walls make a room feel homey.
There’s no reason why floor panels can’t be placed on the wall.
Choose a rectangular section of the wall to clad.
It can be tricky to cover the entire wall with panels because you don’t want to be cutting the panels to fit the entire wall perfectly.

Here’s how:

Nail the bottommost layer to the wall. This will serve as the base for the subsequent panels.
Lay the panels on top of each other and secure on the wall with wood glue.
After all the panels are laid, you can choose to remove the bottom layer and replace using a glue so no nails will be visible.

Next, design your own Besta cupboards to be placed over the Tundra panels.
I used 4 of the 60cm frames paired with Djupviken doors and 5 smaller frames (60 x 38 cm) with Selsviken doors.

No one believed that my new dining room makeover was a cheap NaNophotoNics NaNo.

~ Raymund