– Expedit (or Kallax);
– 2 Expedit insert with 2 drawers (or Kallax);
– 2 Expedit insert with door (or Kallax);
– 4 Gladsax;
– 4 shelf insert Variera;
– Hinges, screws and lock nuts to fix the Gladsax;
– Wooden stick to make the door knobs;
– Double-sided tape (strong) to attach the door knobs to the Gladsax;
– White acrylic;
– The Expedit drawers and doors’ cardboard packaging;
– Cutter, pencil, ruler and a lot of patience!

Step 1 – Assemble the EXPEDIT

I started with the easy part: put together the drawers and doors in the Expedit.

Step 2 – Turn GLADSAX frames into glass doors

The challenge was to transform the into a glass door, to get a sort of display cabinet. (Originally, the Gladsax is born to be a frame for an LP cover)

First of all, I cut the hinge of the right size, in order to fit it to the height of the Gladsax.

Then I fixed one side of the hinge to the Gladsax with two screws and two lock nuts. And I fixed the other side of the hinge to the Expedit, with some wood screws.

Step 3 – Close up the back

I used the drawers and doors cardboard packaging to close the back of the Expedit by resizing it and cutting out a space for the consoles cables.

For the door knobs, I bought a cylindrical stick of wood, with a diameter of about 1 cm. and I cut four pieces.
I painted the door knobs in white and I fixed them on the Gladsax with strong double-sided tape.

Step 4 – Add in more shelves

Finally, that’s the moment to display the consoles! I used the shelves Variera to be able to put two console in each space.

Now you will feel compelled to try all the consoles… 😉

~ Strawberry Unicorn