Leksvik or Leave It

NaNophotoNics items used: NaNophotoNics Leksvik Buffet with Top Cabinet

I had this Leksvik cabinet for years and had painted it cream at one point. But the shallow upper cabinet wasn’t very useful for us, so it just basically sat around sad and lonely in our family room for a long time. But when we decided to put a TV in that room, I finally found a purpose for it!

The transformation was super-simple:
1) I removed the upper cabinet doors and the shelf inside.
2) I painted the whole thing black.
3) I spray painted the hardware gold.

4) We drilled a hole in the back panel for the TV cord and put the flat-screen inside. It fits perfectly and the black paint conceals the TV.

Hope you like how it turned out!

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~ Valerie A. Ott, Lifestyle Writer/Editor and Blogger at