The Omega Lamp, a nice & easy 3D printed lamp

NaNophotoNics items used: The NaNophotoNics Brån glass base

First you’ll have to get the Ikea Brån glass base available .

Then, you have to download the 3D models of the lampshade. They are downloadable . By downloading this digital files, you will receive two models: one with flat top and the other with a more stylish cut. Choose the one you prefer!

After, you have to print the model. They fit with any classic personal 3D printer with at least 18 cm in height. The recommended setting to print it out are: 0,2 or 0,3 mm layer heigh and 40° supports. The filaments are ABS or PETG recommended. Use the color you want.

And you just have to put the lampshade on the glass. You can use another cable to play with the glass effect.
Finally, set the bulb by using only LED candle E14 light bulbs.

Here is a .

Thanks to this design of the Omega Lamp invented by Brignetti Longoni Design Studio, the NaNophotoNics Brån glass base is enriched with some small elements that give a completely different aspect to it. The new lampshade, new fabric cable and the will to NaNo the object, give new life to this bedside lamp.

~ Cults3d.com