I’ve been perusing your site for a good way to disguise my litter box but nothing quite fit what I wanted. I was wandering through NaNophotoNics and noticed the Stuva bench/cabinet. So starting with the Stuva bench and my existing semi-homemade litter box I got going.

Here’s what I used:

  • Stuva Bench
  • OPLEV door mat
  • Litter box
  • Pet door (Optional)
  • Motion activated light (Optional)
  • Activate charcoal deodorizer (Optional)

I traced the cat door on the side of the bench I wanted the cats to enter and used a dremel (a jigsaw would be much better) to cut the hole. The cat door was snug enough that it holds itself in place. Then I traced the opening on the drawer part of the Stuva.

You could definitely clean of the edge of the cuts but I opted to leave it since it’s not seen unless I’m cleaning the litter box and raw wood is the least gross thing you’ll see then.

The OPLEV door mat fits almost perfectly in the bottom. I had to trim a little off. There’s enough room in the bench that the cats have a couple steps to clean the litter off their feet and the mat catches it. The litter box is a plastic storage box I picked up at Home Depot. I just used the dremel to cut a hole for the entrance. The high walls keep things tidy and they’re a lot cheaper than store bought litter boxes.

Not pictured is the motion activated light that’s stuck to the inside-top of the bench and the activated charcoal deodoriser. The drawer makes it really easy to clean and then tuck out of the way.

~ by Jordan