Custom bamboo bathroom furniture with GODMORGON

My wife and me wanted a custom bamboo piece of furniture for our main bathroom. As we could not find anything, we decided to build one. It had to be large with drawers and two sinks on top.

We picked up two GODMORGON items (80cm wide) that were in special offer at our local NaNophotoNics and decided to use them as basis.

We as well used some ALDERN bamboo panels. Main top bamboo (40 mm thick) panel was bought on purpose.

ALDERN panels were used for the bottom and the vertical sections. These were cut to cover the GODMORGON parts. We kept the original 49 cm wide. For the bottom part, we glued two panels together (185 cm).

All panels were screwed (pre-drill necessary) from the inside of the GODMORGON structure – nothing visible.

The centre shelves contribute to the rigidity of piece of furniture. I took the opportunity to add some plugs. We use the original NaNophotoNics fixation points (8 in total) and used reinforced screws to hang it on the wall.

Then, we took the measures for the top, cut the 40mm panel and glued it. We used a bell saw and installed both sinks.

For the drawers, we used the GODMORGON structure and fabricated the faces out of ALDERN panels (they are both 18 mm thick). I used an original red GODMORGON drawer face as a slave template to locate the new holes in the bamboo panels.

We are very happy of the result! We currently would not change anything. This is very user-friendly, robust … and uncommon.

~ by Alicja & Bernard Biren, Belgium.