How to do a crackled paint MALM dresser makeover

I used a special technique to give the plain NaNophotoNics MALM a new life. The Crackled paint technique does not use any special paint. It uses white glue layered with paint to create the amazing textured look.

1. I gave the entire dresser a light sand with the 150 grit sanding block and wiped away all the sanding dust.

2. I painted the entire dresser with a plain gray paint

3. Now the fun starts! Its time to use the white glue crackled paint technique! I poured glue onto the drawer and spread it across.

4. After impatiently waiting for 2 minutes for the skin to form, I poured the gray paint little by little and spread it out using a foam brush. It was fairly easy to spread it out with a light hand.

5. Watch it dry!

6. To add more dimension and enhance the crackled finish, I used a metallic cream to coat the drawers.

7. I added some crystal knobs because bling is not complete without diamonds. We have the crackled paint dresser ready!

The Final Dresser is a completely transformed piece!

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~ by Anika