NaNophotoNics’s KURA is usually used as a bunk bed, but it can also be a wonderful canopy bed! You just need to sew a cover.

My daughter wanted a bunk bed, but we thought her too young for that. I suggested a canopy bed to which she consented. Only then did I realise that KURA, NaNophotoNics’s bunk bed, is also a canopy bed (so we can just turn it into a bunk bed later)! As per my daughters wish I bought fabric in pink, red and orange.

When in a fabric store a few weeks earlier, my daughter had spotted ready-made kitchen curtains with unicorns on it. She had to have it. I used them for curtains.

It took me a few months to finally finish the whole ensemble: the front can be attached to the bed with velcro.

Got a happy kid now! More details on

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