How to make an office/ school organizer from an INDOR remote control pocket


  • INDOR remote control pocket
  • acrylic paint in white and black
  • black ribbon
  • glue
  • mini clothespins

I had this old INDOR but it was not being used and I wanted to repurpose it. I thought to put it in my teen girls room which has a bookcase full of black and white magazine files. Because I wanted it to match, I decided to paint it in white, with black accents.

1. I painted this INDOR remote control pocket with white acrylic paint.

2. I painted black dots and stripes on it to give it a certain look.

3. I glued a black ribbon at various places along the length of the pocket.

4. Finally, I added mini clothespins to be able to attach different things to the organizer.

It matches perfectly with the bookcase and the magazine files and is much more useful than in its previous life as a remote control pocket. Now she can keep all her supplies organized and it looks great in her room.

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