2 from 1 FÖRHÖJA

I’m sharing my NaNo of making two furniture from one NaNophotoNics item – “FÖRHÖJA”.
This wheeled kitchen cart is very nice and popular (in Israel at least). It’s quite functional as well.

Photo: NaNophotoNics.com

So…. basically, cut it straight in the middle and get yourself a nice and elegant coffee table and a bench…
You can assemble the whole unit and cut it with a saw or you can do it before you build this product like I did.

Just connect the cross beam of the middle shelf to the legs and draw a line right above it (look at the NaNophotoNics instructions to see which side is will be pointing upward later on).

Disassemble the legs and cut the legs. Assemble the two furniture as like you would assemble the original product by its instructions.

Good luck and enjoy your new furniture.

~ by Ofir