Lunch in bed on the greens

Here is a very green version of NaNophotoNics Stora Bed (the grass is real), the name is: Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe au lit

It was a gift to my wife. It’s looks (I think) very graceful and it’s helpful and comfortable for example in the summer nights while spotting falling stars, especially if you don’t have a meadow (and anyway you stay high above the ground: no humidity and, thanks to the veiled curtain, no eventual mosquitoes or other insects). It can be used also in a proper roof garden or terrace (of course you need to be able to face the watering and the periodic grass cutting). And children like it a lot.

How I did it:

1) I shorted the legs of a Stora bed and I added 10 cm diameter swivel wheels.

2) I painted it.

3) In the place of the mattress I laid a plastic black sheet for gardening (so the water can pass through: is very important) and some soil grass (5 cm deep).

4) I laid real grass roots.

5) I added an handmade removable curved metallic support for the veiled curtain (complementary, but I like it)

~ by Paolo Ricci Bitti

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