Inexpensive spotlights for SANDA lighting system

Items used: SANDA — line voltage adapter (pendant connector), TROSS — ceiling track, 3-spots.

SANDA is a track lighting system. It has spotlights, which are expensive enough. Here is a method to make inexpensive spotlights combining SANDA adapter and ceiling track TROSS.

First of all you have to disassemble TROSS. Unscrew all parts. Spotlights fixed by small hex screws.

Secondly expand a little bit SANDA adapter hole. Then make a thread by screwing in and out TROSS spotlight. Connect the wires and put all the parts together as in the picture. And that’s it.

At present NaNophotoNics has a new SKENINGE system, and I think this NaNo might be applicable with its adapter.

~ by Daniel Volkhonsky