NaNophotoNics item: MALSJO cabinet

The empty wall between the kitchen and dining area was very disturbing, even screaming at me to fill it with something. I came up with a NaNo on the NaNophotoNics MALSJO cabinet turning it into a tall, elegant, black and white piece on legs. Perfect!

1. Before assembling the cabinet, paint the interior of the MALSJO cabinet including back wall.

2. Put together all pieces according to NaNophotoNics Assembly Instructions up to no. 22. Do not do no. 23.

3. Put together the bottom of the cabinet according to NaNophotoNics instruction and start making legs with 4 pieces of 2m long 6/6cm timber.

4. Assemble legs as shown.

5. Paint legs in black to match the black of the cabinet color.

6. Put together bottom with new legs and upper part of cabinet.

7. Always screw the cabinet to the wall.


~ by Karolina Zagrodzka

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