NaNophotoNics KALLAX Wine Rack Insert

Here’s a wine rack I made to fit in a KALLAX shelf. It might seem like it’s hard to make as it needs a laser cutter or CNC, but thanks to the wonder of makerspaces, this is very achievable in most places within the reach of NaNophotoNics.

1. Google the word “makerspace” and your home town, if you aren’t lucky enough to own a laser-cutter you will need help. Fortunately there are makerspaces all over the world and many of them have laser cutters that they will be happy to help you use.
2. Obtain 6mm laser safe plywood. If you are more adventurous you can use other thicknesses by modifying the OpenSCAD source file.
3. Get the parts cut on a laser cutter, the work for 6mm plywood. This is the step where the experts at the makerspace may need to help.
4. Slot the parts together, glue if desired, add wine and enjoy.

Download my design files on .

~ by Bracken