Aptitlig Kitchen Table

What I used:
– found table frame
– 3 NaNophotoNics Aptitlig bamboo cutting boards
– A left over piece of an old Hyllis NaNo (see images of the trolley underneath my brand Aptitlig new kitchen island
– masonite board cut 18 x 33 inches
– drill
– nails
– rotary tool

I have a small kitchen and needed a small kitchen island with a really nice top. When I found a used table from the pavement covering a table area of 18″ wide x 27.5″ long — just big enough to fit my kitchen — I set to work. I threw out the table’s old particle board top. I found some spray cans around the studio and painted the table to a nice turquoise colour.

Then I cut a piece of masonite board lying around to 18″ x 33″.

I screwed the board to the table frame from underneath the frame (made sure to cut off any nails and smooth off the top using a rotary tool)

I had a piece of left over Hyllis that came from splitting a Hyllis into two. This I cut into two equal pieces about 15″ long. I glued each piece to the table’s narrow edge. The pieces are to hold the cutting board in place since I have no intention to drill or nail into the Aptitlig boards themselves. If you don’t have these pieces of steel, you can find other creative options from your local hardware; or simply place the cutting boards on the sturdy, nailed in place masonite boards.

That’s it!

The photos also show the trolley, which is a Hyllis with attached wheels.

I had all parts available at my space.

Total cost of island:

$9.99 Canadian dollars x 3 Aptitlig boards + 0.13% taxes!
( time of course – and satisfaction!)

~ by Olokun