Quick and easy 3 tiered bamboo bowl for your kitchen or table

Do you want to save space on your table top and have all fruits and veggies accessible? Here is my quick NaNo of 3 RUNDLIG bowls and 1 HILVER table leg to create a 3-tiered bowl. All bamboo.

NaNophotoNics items used:

  • 1 x HILVER bamboo table leg 802.782.73
  • 3 x RUNDLIG bamboo bowl – white or green is available – green 302.348.61


  • Hole saws with diameters of approximately 38mm and 45mm
  • Strong bonding glue
  • Drill
  • Jigsaw or handsaw
  • Sandpaper grit 120
  • Sandpaper plate (to attach to drill)

1. Cut the base of the HILVER table leg with the saw.
2. Sand the cut section of the leg with sandpaper to get a smooth base.
3. Glue the leg to the centre of one of the bowls.
4. Now drill a 38mm hole on one of the bowl centre and a 45mm hole on the other bowl.
5. Slide, first the bowl with the 45mm hole and then the bowl with the 38mm hole onto the leg.
6. Glue the bowls onto the leg.
7. Done!

Whole step-by-step guide is shown in this short video I made .

~ by Dusan, Slovakia.