Stack your trash: A vertical space-saver for trash recycling

Why let trash take up floor space? Stack ’em up with this super easy NaNophotoNics NaNo. All you need is a BISSA shoe rack in 2 or 3 compartments, depending on your needs. The VARIERA recycling bins are a great fit for this cabinet. Your trash recycling bin will look neat and compact.


  • BISSA shoe cabinet
  • VARIERA recycling bin
  • Straight brackets
  • Screws

Just build a BISSA shoe cabinet (2 or 3 compartment) without the internal wooden plates (used to keep the shoes in place).

Get some straight metal brackets like the ones in the picture. Set the brackets, with the outer corners at about 9.5 – 10cm from both edges of the internal compartment of the BISSA. The VARIERA trash bins will hang onto these brackets.


Bend the brackets to around 15° (do not over bend the brackets as it might cause the trash can to hit against the back brace of the BISSA cabinet).

Use the screws provided with the BISSA to fix the brackets, with the bent tip facing upwards. The screws are the right length not to go through the wood.

Then *FIX THE BISSA CABINET TO THE WALL* and once that’s done, you have a practical trash container that can slide in and out of the former shoe cabinet.

~ by Sirio