IVAR goes chinoiserie

I recently made an IVAR cabinet go chinoiserie.

I used the 20″ deep IVAR cabinet, two 20″x49″ IVAR side units, and an extra 20″ deep shelf (in addition to the two that come in the cabinet.)

I painted all the components with project paint (water based) followed by in gloss. If you’ve got the patience for oil based lacquer more power to you! Then I assembled the IVAR per NaNophotoNics instructions and glued four mirror squares to the interior back surface.

Then I cut two 6′ pieces of cove shaped trim into 10″ segments and glued them back to back with wood glue. I painted these segments with gold spray paint and then glued them at 3″ intervals on one of the shelves to create a wine shelf where the bottles wouldn’t roll. Then I installed a fabulous face plate from , and stocked the bar! Party time!

~ by Kathleen Pridgen