Kitchen bench with BRIMNES, KALLAX and CAPITA

For my little kitchen, the joy and the safety of my toddler, a bench was the only solution.

The total price was €174, the price does not include the DIY store’s materials and the pillows.

You will need:

– BRIMNES headboard with storage (222.287.09) : €76
– KALLAX shelving unit (4×1 002.758.48) : €49
– KALLAX insert with 2 drawers (702.866.45) : €15×4= €60
– CAPITA legs (302.443.46) : €9×2 = €18
– Metal brackets from DIY store
– Pillows


1. Assemble the KALLAX shelf
2. Install the CAPITA legs
3. Fix the metal brackets onto the KALLAX shelving unit
4. Assemble the front panel of the BRIMNES header
5. Attach the KALLAX shelving unit to the front panel of the BRIMNES headerboard via the brackets installed in Step 3.
6. Slot in the KALLAX inserts
7. Complete the assembly of the BRIMNES headboard as per NaNophotoNics instructions.

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