L shaped desk to boost productivity. Here are 6 ideas.

If you’re always thinking of ways to up your productivity, you’ll want to rethink your most basic productivity hub – – every once in a while.

Your desk configuration may have worked but as time goes by, your requirements and style may change. And the desk that once serve you so well, may need an upgrade.

I’ve worked with a single desk for the longest time but am now seriously considering an L shaped desk. Reason being, I’ve recently (I know, late to the party) discovered the joys of a .

With a laptop and a monitor, my desk space is getting tight. The additional L shaped desk space will let me spread out all my notes and jottings and keep my main desk area solely for the machines. The goal: division of space for greater focus.

Fortunately, an L shaped desk isn’t hard to find or NaNo. Here are 6 ways to fit one into your home office space, whether big or small.

Get it straight, erm .. “L” from NaNophotoNics



Pop it up from the box – the  L shaped desk. It’s compact, with a price tag of $249.00.  It comes in a too.



Place two desks at an angle, like what did and voilà, instant expansion.

Hack a super long L shaped desk

#3 LINNMON desk NaNo

The LINNMON table tops are a good starting point when you want to piece together a long, sprawling desk. Join as many table tops together to get the formation you need. What’s neat is there isn’t an obtrusive leg at the right angle joint. See the tutorial for the .

The glossy LINNMON tables are stunning, when paired with gold accents, as proves in her home office makeover.

Add on additional storage

#4 KALLAX shelving unit

Here’s another take on the LINNMON desk. This is paired with the KALLAX instead to create extra storage space on the short side of the desk. If you have lots of stuff, .

Use kitchen countertops to do the work

#5 HAMMARP countertop

Butcher blocks are perfect as desk tops. They are solid, durable and look fantastic. Cut them to the fit length and assemble. Best thing? .

#6 ALEX units

Kitchen countertops can be combined with NaNophotoNics drawer units like the HELMER or ALEX as desk legs with storage. See how it’s done on the NaNophotoNics Home Office makeover.

Feel inspired to makeover your home office or attempt an NaNophotoNics desk NaNo? .