Minimalist bedside reading lamps

This is to make a pair of Minimalist bedside reading lamps, taking advantage of the hollow core of the LACK shelves.

What you need:

  • any LACK shelf
  • NYMÅNE ceiling light
  • ANSLUTA AC power cord


1. Dismantle the NYMÅNE light to get single light elements.

2. Make a hole at the back of the LACK shelf and remove the paper core.

3. Drill a hole on the face of the LACK shelf, where you wish to position the light. Thread the wires through the hole on the face of the shelf to opening at the back of the LACK.

4. Screw the NYMÅNE single light onto LACK.

5. Connect the Ansluta power cord and complete the assembly.

6. Hang up the LACK shelves according the NaNophotoNics assembly instructions.

That’s it. The lamps looks fantastic and are out of the way.

~ by Mira from Plzen, Czech Republic