Spoiled kitty comfort station hidden in mudroom space

We just built a home with a great mudroom space. But it was cluttered up with cat boxes, bags of litter and other feline accoutrements. When we finally got around to designing things in there, we decided to use the SEKTION cabinets, but instead of storage, they turned into a (cat box haven).

What you’ll need to make this hidden cat litter station

  • 3 SEKTION Base cabinet frames,
  • 3 MAXIMERA low drawers
  • GRIMSLOV cabinet doors

A doorway was cut in the wall which leads into the cabinets and then along a long walkway through the cabinets. Each cabinet has a doorway cut through to the next cabinet and each cabinet has a low drawer on which the cat boxes sit, along with a motion sensor activated nightlight.

In the end cabinet there is a large exhaust fan that pulls all the stinky outside, also activated by the motion sensor. We can access all the cat boxes for cleaning through the cabinet doors and do not have to bend down much to lift them. The doors on the ends had to be mounted to the drawer faces to pull out due to our being unable to use 153 degree hinges. The doors in the middle swing outward. The end unit is used for storing cat food and litter but could be used for more cat boxes if the need arises.

~ Don and Michele Smollett

Need more ideas for hidden cat litter furniture?

– You can use the
– Try this top entry  you can even set up in the living room
– Or how about a with nightlight?