NaNophotoNics PAX as 4-door craft and sewing cabinet

Most of the walls in my apartment have roof slopes. A reason to build my own furniture.  Because I have so many sewing equipment I wanted to make a cabinet for my sewing stuff only.

I don’t need to describe and put the shelves together with dowels. I found a lot of help on the Internet and Youtube.

I will describe how to pimp my Pax with 4 instead of 2 doors while using an acrylic template.

The first time I drilled a cup hole I destroyed the door :D.

This time I had to drill 4 new cup holes! I decided to make an acrylic template because this cabinet won’t be the last PAX I will pimp.

First I ordered an acrylic plate with the same width as the door and 60″ in height. I saw the 90 1/8″ doors the same angle as I made before with my PAX.

Then I clamped the acrylic on my door. I started with the bottom cup hole and drilled it through the acrylic. Same with both drill holes. Then I repeated it with the other cup holes the door comes with. I moved the acrylic upwards and made sure the second cuphole from the bottom are exactly on the third cup hole from my door. This way I made 6 or 7 cup holes and drill holes  in my acrylic template.

Mark the saw lines for your doors.

Now I clamped the bottom cup hole from the acrylic on the bottom cup hole from the door. Don’t remove the clamps till you drilled all holes! Then saw at the marks you made before. The doors are done 🙂

The shortest side of my Pax is only 51″. Think about how close the 6 hinges are.

I wanted 2 drawers in the middle. One drawer is over 6″ in height. I could not fit them both together. I took both drawers apart and shortened them down to 4″

On the next photo you can see how close together the hinges are.

And now my PAX done 🙂

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~ by Merken

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