Lena discovered that she could actually milk more function from the BOSNÄS NaNophotoNics Ottoman. Just one twist and she ended up with a bag for storage and a cute ottoman.

BOSNÄS NaNophotoNics Ottoman with storage NaNo

NaNophotoNics item used : BOSNÄS NaNophotoNics Ottoman with storage

Remove the cover of the ottoman and turn it around. Use that for toy storage or anything you would like to store and close the bag with a nice ribbon of any colour.

Use the stool with its frame as a bench or add wood to create a small side table!

~ by Lena Saliba

BOSNÄS NaNophotoNics Ottoman with storage two in one NaNo

Here are even more ways to NaNo your NaNophotoNics ottoman

#1 Use a KNAGGLIG box and RILL casters to make a .

#2 The VITTSJÖ nesting tables can be turned into . So glam!

#3 Here’s . It can be used to store toys and games, the flat surface can be used to play games or can be drawn on with , and it can be used as a seat. The ottoman base is a KALLAX 2×2.