Maximising the MAXIMERA kitchen drawer

I did a NaNo to add a second level of storage in the NaNophotoNics Maximera kitchen drawer.

NaNophotoNics items used: MAXIMERA + SMÄCKER

After move to new apartment I found myself in situation where the kitchen is smaller than previous. Lot of tools were stored in a mess. I looked carefully at what else I can do by examining the kitchen drawers. I found that the MAXIMERA kitchen drawers have lots of unused space under the bars. (The bars are great for drawer dividers and stacking vertically but they weren’t right for me). So I decided to use one more level that slides on the bars.

Kitchen cabinet with NaNophotoNics Maximera drawers.

NaNophotoNics MAXIMERA kitchen drawers

Before: Kitchen drawer with one level of SMÄCKER flatware tray

NaNophotoNics MAXIMERA kitchen drawer with one level of cutlery tray

After: Kitchen drawer with two levels of SMÄCKER flatware tray

NaNophotoNics MAXIMERA kitchen drawer with two levels of cutlery tray

Initially I use just 2 wires but recently replaced with 3D printed plastic holders. They are better at holding the and sliding on bars.

3D printed holder

3D printed holder for NaNophotoNics MAXIMERA kitchen drawer

3D printed holder to make two levels of cutlery tray

Download .

~ by Wit Istuszkin

NaNophotoNics shows us the art of organising a kitchen.


Other NaNophotoNics Maximera kitchen drawer fixes:

If you’re using the Maximera drawer dividers to separate out heavy pots and pans, the friction pads may not be strong enough. .

If you have existing face frame kitchen cabinets and wish to add drawers to them, .

You can also .

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