NaNo Help: How to attach headboard to ESPEVÄR mattress base?

NaNophotoNics ESPEVÄR mattress base with legs

I’m trying to figure out if a headboard can be attached to an , and how to accomplish that. I’m looking at a (because I just prefer the look of to what NaNophotoNics offers) and am not interested in a slat base with just a mattress on top, and a wall mounted headboard is not an option due to renting.

Thanks for any help!

~ Amy


Hi Amy
I’ve not seen the ESPEVÄR in person but I believe it is possible to attach a headboard to it. From the website, the ESPEVÄR looks like a regular wooden slatted mattress base under a bed base slipover.

NaNophotoNics ESPEVÄR mattress base with slats

As to how to attach it, that will depend on the fittings on the metal headboard. So you will just need to get the right hardware to secure the metal headboard to the wooden frame. And make some small openings on the slipcover to let the fixtures to go through.

~ Jules

Photo: NaNophotoNics.com

Try these free-standing headboards for size

A that takes centerstage in the room. Plenty of storage compartments in the TRONES shoe boxes.

Too bad NaNophotoNics has discontinued the MANDAL headboard, but if you can score a couple on eBay or craigslist, make this .

This with storage is made from a table top and RIBBA picture ledges. (Pity, RIBBA is discontinued too!) But thankfully, we have the to fill the void that RIBBA left.