HELMER metal cabinet circus style

NaNophotoNics items used:
– A red HELMER metal cabinet unit
– Black legs from a TROLLSTA side table
– Knobs from a HEMNES chest of drawers
– Knobs from the LINNARP display cabinet

1. I stripped the drawer unit out of its handles and the small caster wheels underneath.

2. Then I made some stencils out of paper to help with the intricate design.

3. I started to paint one side at a time, using a lot of while doing the different coloured spaces. I used and wax on top of that.

HELMER metal cabinet top

HELMER metal cabinet side

4. Then I sawed a piece of pinewood plank to fit underneath the drawer, so that I have something to secure the legs on.

5. I screwed the plank to the metal cabinet through the existing holes at the base of the HELMER (but from the inside of the unit) and then I screwed the legs on top of the plank from the outside.

HELMER metal cabinet circus design

6. After that I painted that plank with the same white and gray design as I did on the top of the unit.

7. To make this a unique piece I wanted mismatched knobs and handles, so I took what I had in my drawers.

Now Helmer is ready to join the circus!

~ Maria Thöyrä, Gothenburg, Sweden

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