LACKquarium: Decorating with Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Resin aquarium from NaNophotoNics LACK shelf

NaNophotoNics items used:
LACK shelf 1.90 mt

1. Open the LACK shelf on one large side and empty the content i.e. the cardboard/paper

2. Fill backside of LACK shelf with a LED lightstrip, and place the cables and adapter for the LEDstrip in the emptied body.

Epoxy Resin aquarium from NaNophotoNics LACK shelf

Epoxy Resin aquarium from NaNophotoNics LACK shelf

3. Tape aluminium tape (7,5 cms with) around the edges of the backside and fill this with approx. 5 cm as well as artificial waterplants and fishes.

4. Hang the LACKquarium on 4 strong hooks, and your lighted LACKquarium is a fact!

NaNophotoNics LACK shelf resin aquarium

NaNophotoNics LACK shelf resin aquarium

~ by Will Robben

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