Inspired by , I made my own.


I’m from France, but live in Canada and my stepbrother and his wife live in New-Zealand. So my partner asked me if we could have several clocks to know when to be in touch with family without having to think about the time zone. This is when I thought of !

For this multi time zone clock NaNo, I used:

  • an old Ribba frame (the one that had five windows for the photos)
  • 3 Rusch clocks
  • a nice large sheet of paper
  • foam board (1cm thick)
  • small screws, , glue, wire cutter, , etc…

First : decide how to place the three windows and their size, for the clocks and the text.


Make a multi time zone clock with Ribba + Rusch

Then, cutting these windows in the foam board (used to create a space between the clock and the glass so the needles can turn). This is quite a delicate part.

Make a multi time zone clock with Ribba + Rusch

Then, marking the holes and drilling them in the back of the Ribba frame and the nice paper. On the paper, write the cities and point the hours for the clock.

Make a multi time zone clock with Ribba + Rusch

Assembling everything, checking that it works, that there is enough space, that the needle are correctly aligned, etc. I used some double sided tape to maintain the paper on the back and some glue to fix the clocks on the back. I also cut the needles marking the seconds because it was making too much noise. When you cut it with a wire cutter, there is a small white mark that stays. You can give it back its red color by lightly burning it with a lighter.

Put everything in place and use small screws to fix it (there was initially kind of small hooks but with the thickness of everything they’re not usable anymore).

Tadaaa !

Make a multi time zone clock with Ribba + Rusch

~ by Muriel

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