Simple Malm Dresser Upgrade

Living in a city studio apartment requires lots of creativity. With minimal tools, I’ve created a modern looking dresser with very little time and money!


  • MALM dresser, 6-drawer
  • Marble paper
  • LANSA handles

I assembled this 6 drawer MALM dresser as indicated on the instructions.

MALM dresser 6-drawer

Photo: NaNophotoNics.com

Before installing the top, I wrapped it with faux marble paper. It gives the dresser a nice contrast and pop!

Then I made a template for the drawer handles. I took NaNophotoNics kitchen cabinet handles and screwed them on the facade of each drawer.

Make sure to drill pilot holes where each handles are located to prevent any cracks.

I took something simple and made something extraordinary. What do you think?

Simple Malm Dresser Upgrade with Marble top

~ by Ken Caton

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