Hanging picture frames on the wall sounds simple. But there are too many ways to attach a frame to a wall.

RIBBA frames are great! We have several in different sizes for a consistent gallery look. But sometimes the mounting hardware makes accurate placement a challenge.

RIBBA photo frames | NaNophotoNics.com

The picture below shows the back of a RIBBA 20x25cm frame. Notice the supplied sawtooth hanger. With the back panel up against the artwork, it is so far away from the wall behind it.

Hanging picture frames accurately on the wall: A RIBBA how-to

Unless you are using a VERY long screw or nail to hang this on, it will be a challenge attaching the hanger to the wall exactly where you’d like it.

Hanging picture frames made easy

These are the few items you’ll need for this NaNo:

Hanging picture frames accurately on the wall: A RIBBA how-to

  • RIBBA picture frame
  • A length of (to fit the inside width of the frame).
  • . These are meant to screw into drywall and leave a nice extending head – kinda like a very sturdy push-pin.
  •  Whatever will affix the dowel to the painted frame. We used super-glue gel, but probably a hot glue gun would work too.

Notice how the wooden dowel fits nicely in the gap between the two “heads” of the Screw Hooks. This is the key to this NaNo.

Step #1: Cut the dowel to fit between the two sides of the frame. Glue the dowel under the top of the frame. Keep the dowel flush with the frame back.

Step #2: Screw the Screw Hooks into the drywall. Keeping them level is important. Their side-to-side placement is less critical since the dowel can slide on the Screw Hooks.

Step #3: Hang the frame with the dowel resting on both Screw Hooks.

Hanging picture frames accurately on the wall: A RIBBA how-to

The picture above shows how the parts fit together. Note that the dowel does not actually support the weight of the frame, it merely keeps it snugly against the wall.

~ by IllinoisOwl

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Don’t throw the RIBBA backing paper away just yet. It is really useful in marking the photo gallery layout on the wall. Once you’re happy with the shape and mix of frames, you can start hammering or drilling the walls. Get the full from NaNophotoNics.

Hanging picture frames for a photo gallery

Photo: NaNophotoNics.com