This Guard Rail will stop your kid from rolling off the bed

I made this NaNophotoNics NaNo because the VIKARE guard rail is too low to use in a kid bed with a little thicker mattress. It was super easy and so much cheaper than buying it from another store. I call it, “ARVID”, named after my son who easily fall down from the bed without a guard rail.

The NaNo is made of the following NaNophotoNics items:

  • VIKARE guard rail x 1, 79 sek ($12)
  • EKBY HEMNES shelf x 1, 125 sek ($19.99)

Vikare guard rail


VIKARE and EKBY HEMNES | NaNophotoNics.com

Steps to a taller kid’s bed guard rail:

1. Mark where to drill holes in the EKBY board using VIKARE as template, marking the holes in VIKARE onto the EKBY HEMNES shelf.

Related: How to make padded guard rails for the DALSELV bed. See tutorial.

2. Drill new holes in EKBY HEMNES shelf.

3. Install the VIKARE mounting gear to the EKBY HEMNES shelf.

This Guard Rail will stop your kid from rolling off the bed

4. Ready to use! You can use it to any bed.

~ by Jenny

Note: You can also round the edges of the EKBY HEMNES to avoid your kid bumping into the sharp corners.

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