Tree Shelf – FROSTA X goes green

I’m a French YouTuber who makes vlogs, each week a new topic. I NaNoed the NaNophotoNics FROSTA stool into a tree shelf and I made a about it:

The video is in French but you’ll find English subtitles for a better understanding.

The idea is based on the famous FROSTA X by Andreas Bhend. I added my touch to it by painting it to look like a tree shelf.

Materials used:

  • FROSTA stools x 4
  • Wood putty
  • Paint
  • Masking tape (or )
  • Wood glue
  • Wall fixings (appropriate for your wall)


  • Screw driver
  • Drill
  • Paint roller

Steps for making a tree shelf:

1. First, find the center of the FROSTA seat and draw a line through the middle.

2. Using a saw, cut the seat into half.

3. Fill the holes on the underside of the seat with wood putty.

4. Sand down the cut edges and filler.

5. Paint the seat with the base colour and set aside to dry.

6. Next, configure the branches using the legs of the FROSTA stool, until you get a formation you like.

Tree Shelf - FROSTA X goes green

7. To get the leaf-like effect for your tree shelf, mask smaller sections of the FROSTA seat and fill in with various shades of green and yellow. When the paint has dried, remove the masking tape.

Tree Shelf - FROSTA X goes green

Tree Shelf - FROSTA X goes green

8. Determine where you want the half shelves to go. Once you are satisfied with the placement, it’s time to assemble.

Tree Shelf - FROSTA X goes green

9. Glue the legs together according to your formation.

10. Screw in the half shelves to the legs where you want them to go. For this, you can use the screws that came with the FROSTA package.

11. Lastly, mount the tree shelf to the wall using the right wall fixings.

Tree Shelf - FROSTA X goes green Tree Shelf - FROSTA X goes green

12. Add books and decor. Stand back and admire your work.

~ by Raphaël for Bonheur sur Seine